Zingh Design is a design agency based in the Netherlands who can cover the total development strategy from concept to detailling fase. Concept fase can be ended with sketches or pictures (see PICS) and the detailling fase can be ended with fully dimensioned 2D drawings which can be the basis for constructing moulds or production equipment. This site gives an overview of all the possibilities, so please take a look and hopefully there are enough reasons to stay in contact.

Below a Youtube-movie made for a car-design challenge. Aim was to develop the car of 2025. ZinghDesign developed a body with a big aerodynamic tunnel along the complete bottom of the car. This tunnel reduces the frontal surface with app. 20%.

On this tunnel a slideable cockpit is mounted. This cockpit can be changed from a 2-seat version to a 4-seat version and vice versa. With this set-up the best aerodynamical  shape per situation is quaranteed.

On every wheel a small electrical engine is mounted . This engine follows the steering movement of the car. With this set-up a 4-wheel steering and drive system is created. All the parts per wheel are the same which is easy when repairing or changing parts.


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